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Question by September: What could dark spots on ovary ultrasound mean?
The tech did not give a specific diagnosis, other than follices or fibroids.

Thanks for any input.

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Answer by sokokl
They could be follicles or cysts, but I would recommend making an appointment with your doctor as soon as the results come in to discuss them further and get clarification of what was found.

Answer by lisa_swarn
September you ask a lot of questions about conceiving. lol

When you go to the doctor you ask all of these question whether or not you feel embrassed. No one on yahoo can tell you what it means as we are not doctor nor do we know your history.

Keep in mind that you are paying these people, they should do their job and answer all of your questions. If you feel like you have not gotten a specific enough answer…..DEMAND to speak with the Doctor and clarify any doubt or questions you may have. If they don’t do this, then you have every right to ask for a new doctor.

trying to get pregnant is a huge deal and a good doctor will leave no doubt.

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