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Question by guat choo p: Uterus Fibroid Removal?
Is surgery procedure the only way to remove the uterus fibroid? I really hope there’s other way to remove it.

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Answer by amanda
I had the same thing two years ago… I had a partial hysterectomy. They done it laparoscopic. That is 3 incisions on the stomach about an inch long. It doesn't look that bad. I believe it is the only way… Not to scare you but it was the worst thing I've ever went through. Mind you, I've also had 1/3 of my finger amputated. I think it was the gas they used that made mine so bad though. I couldn't eat for 2 weeks or walk. But again, I think it was the gas they use. Hope this helps:) talk with your doctor, he can tell you more. But you will want to get it out! Mine was the size of a softball and caused horrible periods and weeks of bleeding and back issues. I also felt weak and tired all the time. Best to just go through with the surgery. You will feel bwtter

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