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Question by kfm1976: what is the death rate for a hysterectomy?
Wife is about to have a full abdomen hysterectomy and we want to know the death rate for this procedure.

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Answer by pebblesandkara
dont worry you will be 100% fine, no one has died from a hysterectomy, these days the operation is so practical and simple, but the only thing is your wife you have some discomfort after the op. but she will be fine i promise.

Answer by AuntieRae
The procedure your wife is planning is a very, very safe one. However, all medical procedures carry some risk. The morbidity rate with abdominal hysterectomy is about 1 in 1,000.

Answer by Endo
Morbidity and mortality rates:

The rate of complications differs by the type of hysterectomy performed.

Abdominal hysterectomy is associated with a higher rate of complications (9.3%), while the overall complication rate for vaginal hysterectomy is 5.3%, and 3.6% for laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy.

The risk of death from hysterectomy is about one in every 1,000 women.

The rates of some of the more commonly reported complications are:

excessive bleeding (hemorrhaging): 1.8–3.4%
fever or infection: 0.8–4.0%
accidental injury to another organ or structure: 1.5–1.8%

Answer by makingthisup
I had a full abdomenal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago today. My biggest advice is help her a lot for the first 3 weeks that she is at home. They will tell her not to lift anything over 5 pounds or drive for the first 3 weeks, so you’ll really need to take care of her. Now that I’m at 6 weeks after the surgery I can tell you that it’s so worth it. I feel even better now than I did before the surgery. So take good care of her and it should all be worth it.

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