Question by Is there anywhere my wife can go to get financial assisstance for an operation?
My wife was recently diagnosed with cervical/uterine cancer. Doctor says hysterectomy needed,yet hospital will not admit her without 17K down payment. She has no medical insurance. Are there any programs out there to assist financing for such operations

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Answer by Heather D
Go to Capital one. The used to have medical loans. Not sure if they do now.

Answer by cheriberi5671
Medicaid if you qualify. The hospital should’ve had a few options for help for you. Otherwise maybe a church or your local 211 (for all kinds of emergency assistance, from housing to United Way). OR maybe have a community fundraiser. Good luck to you both!

Answer by Jahnna
Have her contact the hospital social worker.

Answer by phatqt1977
Unfortunately, you may have to take out a personal loan.

Answer by Mindy
Go to county hospital. They cannot turn her down if she complains about pains there etc… let them locate the cancer again and do the surgery!
It will still be expensive but atleast this way you can get her healthy first and then pay later! :)
Other than that try going to a women’s clinic they might have answers for that.
If those options dont work, go sign her up for emergency Medical at the welfare office or whatever and they should be able to carry it. It will take some time to sign up and get things going but that option might be free.
Last option is to get health insurance for her temporary, get the surgery and then cancel the ins! :)
Hope that helps, I wish you the best of luck! Sooner the better!

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