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Question by : Is it normal to bleed when you have sex?
I don’t have my period but every time I have sex, I bleed… does anyone have any advice to what is wrong with me?

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Answer by Dolleyes
I have done that many times

Answer by jalani_803
Yes it is normal, I bleed when I have sex as well. Don’t sweat it b/c it don’t necessary mean that it is a bad thing.

Answer by Mark
Ashley, it depends on how many times you have sex.
Contrary to what has already been said, it is NOT normal to bleed every time you have sex after you have had sex more than a dozen times or so.
Speak to your doctor if this continues as you could be doing damage to your internal vaginal walls or your cervix.

Answer by jessy
It could be because you might be a little dry? Or it’s too rough. I’m telling you from experience because sometimes I bleed a little, and I figure it’s because it’s too rough. Wait, is the bleeding heavy or spotty? If it’s heavy-ish, not sure what could that be, but if it’s a little bit like spotty, then it’s normal. Just tell him to go easy on you a little, and make sure to be wet. Don’t sweat it ;D

Answer by gmdee
No it is not normal to bleed each and every time you have sex. If you are sexually active you should talk to a doctor preferably a Gynecologist. There could be many reasons from small tears in the vaginal canal or cervix to STD’s. Make an appointment ASAP and have all your questions ready. Good luck.

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