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Question by rickdemarest: Is a hysterectomy a good idea for a 45-year-old mother of four?
My wife will soon have to undergo a rather complicated operation to improve ever-worsening bladder incontinence and her surgeon is recommending that she have a hysterectomy at the same time. She fears that the loss of natural hormones cannot be made up for by artificial hormone therapy.

Who has had experience – positive or negative – and wishes to offer their advice?

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Answer by NAQ
my mom had one around that age too. i havent noticed any difference in her behavior or anything like that. shes perfectly fine. and not having to spend money on sanitary napkins anymore is a plus :).

Answer by stowchick01
It’s going to be painful and she won’t be able to do much for quite some time. Hormones are tricky but the doctors will help get them to a normal level. If it’s going to help her in the long run, it may be best that she gets the hysterectomy.

Answer by shirley e
I had the same problem and had a hysterectomy when I was in my late 30s, I did have to take hormones but I felt fine. Good luck to both of you.

Answer by Chloe
I would get another opinion on this. If the uterus is causing extra pressure on the bladder than I can see why a hystero would be a plus. If just because the doctor is in there and thinks it would be convenient to do it all at once, with no uterine problems, I would change docs asap.

Answer by divadivine0780
As far as hormones everything sould be fine. The only thing is that the recovery time for a hysterectomy is about 6-9 weeks. She will be totally off her feet for that entire period and unable to do any driving , lifting, or house work, and will not be able to help with the kids. If she decides to have the hysterectomy you will definately need to take off at least 2 week s from your job to take care of her. She will need help walking, getting dressed and washed up. It is also suggested that you get help from another relative (may be a parent or sibling) that is will to take time off and assist her when you return to work or need to run errands (picking up groceries or kids school activites). These are just some things you need to consider before she has the surgery.

Hope this helps!

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