“Oh Yeah, I’ve been meaning to Thank You because not only has my hair grown from the hemp oil but it also has shrunken my uterine fibroids. It used to be the size of a grapefruit now its the size of a tangerine, this stuff is Amazing, Thanks Again !!! ” ~ConnectedToMeNow

2 tbls hemp oil, a cup of green tea

Just to clarify, my bottle says HEMP OIL. I say it like I see it. Even if it is Hemp seed oil my bottle is written HEMP OIL and it can be purchased at any whole food store. Most whole food stores write HEMP OIL on their bottles, even though it is Hemp seed. My video is here to help women who have fibroids so the rest of you who keep arguing about Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil can stfu. We have already established it is Hemp seed oil but the bottle is written HEMP OIL.

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